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We have been operating our outsourcing business for more than year now, providing great service to internet marketers.

We all know that IMers have to do a lot of leg work, like developing and promoting products, researching and providing quality customer service. Of course you can always hire someone to do the leg work for you at your place of business. But the problem with hiring a staff is that it is costly, you need to train him or her, provide equipment, and supervision.  And many internet marketers work from their own homes at hours to suit themselves.  Supervising staff is not an option.

We know this is a dilemma which prevents a lot of marketers from having sufficient time to grow their business. That is the reason we started a company to meet the outsourcing needs of our internet marketing colleagues.
know, and you know, that time is very important in internet marketing - can you afford to waste your time posting your site to directories or to other sites to gain traffic and back link to your online business?
Why not hire us? We do all the leg work of your business so that you can use your precious time to think or plan ways to earn more money instead. And our assurance is that we do all this work manually, providing a great attention to detail.
What is our offer?

We will provide you one staff member who will work for you 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for 1 month - and if you like his or her service then you can extend their service for the next month.

You don’t need to provide any basic training, as all our employees have been trained to perform a variety of online marketing jobs.  We have done the training for you, and will also provide project supervision and all the equipment they need.

What duties can our staff perform for you?

- Submit your sites to directories
- Submit your sites to social bookmarking sites
- Submit your articles to article directories
- Submit your RSS feeds to RSS feed directories
- Post comments for your money sites
- Post in forums and get back links from their signature files
- Conduct keyword research for your current or new projects
- Create new blogs from free blog providers
- Create online accounts for article directories, social bookmarking sites, and other site
- Data gathering if required
- Data entry
- You can even outsource their services by offering the above service and charge another customer.
- Free ads submission
- Script installation
- Wordpress installation to your server
- Wordpress themes and plugins search and installation

What is not included in their task?

No article writing or rewriting
No Scripting
No Website designing

What you need to provide?

* Instructions on tasks that are required to be done and the frequency at which they need to be done, e.g. daily or weekly

* Articles if you want them to submit articles to article directories

* Content for blog posts

All of the above services, provided for 8 hours a day, 6 days per week, for one month is just $899. If interested please send email to to set it up.

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